Here at Mid Valley Trees we grow the hybrid Paradox walnut rootstock for its vigor, resistance to pest and diseases, high yield efficiency and graft compatibility. The Paradox rootstock is a hybrid cross from the black walnut and English walnut. It is a vigorous grower and performs well in heavy soils. Its growth outcompetes Black walnut and is compatible with all walnuts you choose to graft.
We do not grow clonal Paradox in containers because of our high germination and success rate with the hybrid Paradox seed. We are able to grow the Paradox rootstock 10-12′ tall with 1¾ ″ caliper from seed in one year! This allows us to better serve our customers with a lot quicker return on their investments than container grown clonal varieties. Bareroot is the answer.



The Chandler Walnut is a leading variety in the industry. They produce a large, thin shell that is well-sealed. The nuts are light in color. Chandler’s kernels are prized for their high quality and light color. They can be easily removed in half and has a mild flavor. Chandlers are vigorous upright growers that are harvested mid to late in the season. They bear one of the highest kernel yields of any other variety.


The Ivanhoe Walnut is a new variety that has many desirable traits. They produce a large, elliptical shape thin shell that is strong and well-sealed. The nuts are light in color and the light color kernels rate high in the USDA standards. It is harvested 4 weeks earlier than Chandlers. Ivanhoe’s bears young with an excellent yield and bears fruit terminally and laterally.


The Tulare Walnut is a popular variety that is known for its high yield. They produce a round, thin shell (slightly thicker than the Chandler) that is well-sealed. The nuts are light in color and has a more natural walnut flavor than Chandler. Tulare’s often require no pollinizers due to good bloom and pollen shedding. Tulare’s are vigorous upright growers that are harvested mid-season. They produce a strong yield.

Big crop of paradox walnut seedlings are growing strong. Estimated size for this years trees are 10-12′ whips with 1 3/4″ caliper. Now taking bookings now for early 2016. Plant January and graft February. Call 559-734-4641 for more info.